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Details make the difference

Learn more about the life of your ancestors.

We offer you the opportunity to complement your research with information that can give you an even greater overview of your family's past.
military service record
Military Service Records
If an ancestor of yours participated in military action or fought in theaters of war, this information could be invaluable.
grave research
Graves Research
Your ancestor's tombstone may still be standing, and it may even hold his photograph.
native home research
Native Home Research
Have you ever wondered what the house was like in which your ancestors lived? We can look for it for you.
research services
Other Research Services
Discuss any other request with us, we will try in every way to fulfill it.

Limitations of the research

The search for information of this type have a limit: time.
Military documents prior to 1900 are very rare. In Italy, and therefore also in Sicily, due to the limited space, the oldest graves are often removed to make room for new graves. So we will hardly find more old graves than 1900. The same goes for the houses. It is not possible to identify houses that are too old, simply because most of the small villages were not structured with a road network, and without a road network we will never have precise coordinates.

Basically, before 1900, this type of information is non-existent.

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