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Is an advance payment required?

No. No advance payment is required, and never will be.

We do not know if we will be able to achieve the set goal, and we do not think it right for the customer to pay for something that we cannot get. If you are paying, it is because the work you have requested has been completed.

What is the Starting Ancestor?

The Starting Ancestor is the ancestor from which you want the research to begin and about which we have some information. It often corresponds to one of the oldest ancestors you are aware of.

Most of the time, the informations available to start the search are the name of the ancestor, a date and place of birth, and the parent's names. In cases like this, the Starting Ancestor will be the ancestor of which some information is kept, and not, for example, one or both parents, since nothing is known about them.

What information about the Starting Ancestor do I need to provide?

To start the search we need to be provided with some essential information about the Starting Ancestor: name and surname, a date, a place.

The date referring to the Starting Ancestor need not be a date of birth; it can be a marriage date or a death date. The date can sometimes be indicative, but in these cases it is necessary to know the name of the parents of the Starting Ancestor. This is because while an exact date certifies that the found Ancestor is correct, an indicative date can lead the search towards errors of homonymy; and for this the information on the name of the parents is necessary.

The place is essential to start a search. You need to know the exact city where the Starting Ancestor was born, married or died. In Sicily there are no regional or national registers, without an exact place it is not possible to easily start the search, unless you want to start a thorough search in a wider area to identify it; the latter case has a very variable probability of success, and is the only situation in which an advance payment of the total amount is necessary.

There are also particular cases in which, for example, the rarity of the surname can help to identify an exact place, or in which other details can resolve the question. For this reason we urge you to send us the information available to you, even if they are not complete.

What if I have two Starting Ancestors?

If there are two Starting Ancestors, for example both grandparents, the most convenient solution is to reduce our standard packages by one generation. For example, the three generation package, which includes the construction of three generations starting from the Starting Ancestor, becomes a two generation package starting from both Starting Ancestors.

How soon can I expect the complete work to be sent to me?

The times for carrying out the works depend on their complexity.

We are able to deliver the basic family tree building packages even in after one week of work, and the more complex packages after three weeks. The times for sending the original certificates useful for applying for citizenship are approximately two months.

What happens if the work is not done or if it is incomplete?

If the work is not done, it is probably because there is no information available or the information available are not accessible. In this case, you won't have to pay anything. If the work is done partially, we will provide a downward estimate compared to the agreed starting price. You will be free to purchase or decline incomplete results; if you decline the job, you won't have to pay anything.

Our terms and condition are specifically intended for the best customer experience and the genuine appreciation of our services provided.

Could the work include ancillary costs?


What are the payment methods?

The payment methods we accept most frequently are PayPal and bank transfers, but we are willing to use any other payment method. You only need to ask.

What happens once the work is delivered?

The moment we send our work to you, our long-term assistance begins. You will be free to ask any questions relating to the work done, we will be at your complete disposal.


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