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Forget the brick walls

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Our vision for the future

Your research, in an instant.

Imagine being able to overcome the wall that has been bothering you for years in a matter of seconds. We want to make it possible. We have decided to index every marriage record from 1500 to 1825 in an area of 800 square miles; that is our first goal. After that, we will go further by indexing more and more territory. This is our vision of a genealogy that has no more secrets to hide.

We are already on the way.

Map of Sicily

Mascali: 1,924 records

Torre Archirafi: 381 records

Riposto: 733 records

San Leonardello: 104 records

Aci Castello: 909 records

Aci San Filippo: 879 records

Bongiardo: 91 records

Fiumefreddo di Sicilia: 486 records

Giarre: 2,378 records

Milo: 441 records

Macchia: 677 records

Nunziata: 1,015 records

Aci Catena: 2,308 records

Aci Trezza: 294 records

Linera: 29 records

San Giovanni Montebello: 1,231 records

Dagala del Re: 556 records

Sant'Alfio: 143 records

Aci Bonaccorsi: in progress

Aci Platani: in progress

Zafferana Etnea: 474 records

Santa Tecla: 22 records

Indexing, slides completed
Indexing, parishes completed

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