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Italian Citizenship

Are you eligible to apply for Italian Citizenship?

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Work process

The request for original records is a critical step, many things could go wrong: different type of certificate, wrong stamping, typing errors, and much more. The slowness of the municipal administrations could seriously endanger your process.

Our experience teaches us that only through continuous telephone reminders is it possible to advance a practice that otherwise would remain stationary for months and months, or that would probably never be processed.

01. Records research

The year of birth, marriage or death is not always known. Often a search is needed to locate the record, within a municipality or neighboring municipalities.

02. Request for original records

The official record request is a pivotal moment.

A few phone calls with the Municipality concerned are necessary to establish how to set up the request and what needs to be transmitted, considering that, here in Sicily, each Municipality behaves like an almost independent institution. Phone calls create a common thread between those who make the request and those who have to process it: the request will be processed faster, will not be forgotten and will be treated with more attention.

03. Request for special documents

What happens if the dates in the records of your country are different from those of the Italian records? Special documents that resolve the discrepancy are needed. We will resolve this and many other special cases.

04. Quality check

Once the documents have arrived, we will check for accuracy. Stamps, signatures, dates, typos and numerous other details present in the documents will be checked. In case of errors, a (free) request for quick correction will be initiated.

05. Shipment

Once we have received the documents we prepare to ship them with FedEx; this shipping company has always guaranteed us exceptional service.

It is our practice to request an additional copy of the documents: the first copy is sent, while the additional copy remains in our offices until the shipment reaches the desired destination. In this way, if the shipment fails we will not lose all the copies available to us. Subsequently, if the customer wishes, we will arrange for the shipment of additional copies.

Civil Status document

Certificato di nascita, estratto di nascita, estratto di nascita internazionale and copia integrale dell'atto di nascita are among the civil status documents. These certificates have the function of certifying the event of the birth, but they also have differences.

  • italian birth certificate

    Certificato di nascita

    Birth certificate

    The certificato di nascita is a document with the essential data of the subject:

    · Name and surname
    · Date e place of birth

  • italian birth certificate

    Estratto di nascita

    Birth extract

    The estratto di nascita is a document which, unlike the certificato di nascita, contains more detailed data:

    · Name and surname
    · Date, time and place of birth
    · Parents' names (on request)
    · Any annotations (if any)

We do not provide legal assistance!

We are not qualified to provide legal assistance, this means that we cannot tell you whether or not you are eligible to apply for Italian citizenship. Those who rely on us have already made an appointment with their consulate to find out what documents are needed.

However, in 99% of cases, what you will need is the birth certificate of your ancestor, and marriage certificate if he got married in Sicily.

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