Dr. Anthony S. Fauci Genealogy

A look into his past

Dr. Anthony Fauci Family Tree

A few moments to celebrate, and already on the Inauguration Day, the new president of the United States of America, Joe Biden, affixes his signature to some specific health provisions to counter the advance of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. Among these, the reconfirmation of Anthony Fauci, one of the most illustrious and decisive experts in this clash.

The most important immunologist of our century; Fauci is undoubtedly the name that most of all has guided international scientific information. Already a consultant to Donald Trump, his scientific positions and experiences have made it possible to know the dynamics of the pandemic in depth, guiding the world community towards a struggle that, among the many achievements, in scientific terms, leaves us in our hands a past that makes you more and more proud of our land, our island, Sicily and the Sicilians.

SS EMS vessel

In fact, few know that Anthony Fauci is Sicilian, on his father's side. Originally from Sciacca, Antonino Fauci - the grandfather - was born in 1874. At the age of 26, in 1900, he left Sicily, went to Napoli and, from there, embarked on the “Ems” to reach Ellis Island (New York), where Giuseppe, his elder brother, was waiting for him. Two years after his arrival, Antonino marries Calogera Guardino, a little younger than him and also a native of Sciacca. Calogera was the daughter of a sailor; both of her grandparents were, as were three of her four great-grandparents.

In the States, Antonino was an bookkeeper, despite having left Sicily with the job of a tailor in his hands, which guaranteed him an education that allowed him to know how to “do calculations”. At that time, in a land of farmers and fishermen, tailors were professionals who handled and handed down an art that was difficult to access, if only for the large resources necessary for training for a job that mostly boasted a feminine variation. Fortune would have it that his father, Pietro, after his marriage to Accursia Abbruzzo, daughter of a shoemaker from Menfi, Don Antonino - who became particularly rich, after having invested the proceeds of his work in the land -, was able to administer an important patrimony, guaranteeing his son a better fate than that of the men in his family. The paternal grandfather, Giuseppe Fauci, was, in fact, a simple waiter; a very different condition from that of his consu-in-law Antonino Abbruzzo, a wealthy “landowner” from whom he inherits his name, in line with the secular tradition, which wants his second son to inherit the name of his maternal grandfather.

Faucy pharmacy

Antonino and Calogera will give the world Stephen Fauci, on 11 September 1910, whose studies will lead him to be one of the most successful pharmacists in New York. Stephen will marry Eugenia Abys, also a pharmacist, with whom he will have Anthony, on 24 December 1940, the future immunologist destined to mark the path of research for the understanding and treatment of AIDS, up to the Covid-19 pandemic, which since last year forces the whole world to reflect on the condition of man.