Stories, traditions and folklore of Sicily

Old Stories of Sicily

A land that until yesterday lived in and of itself, under foreign dominations, in contact only with not always welcome people, each of whom left visible traces of its passage and its stops. A country where civilizations overlapped civilizations, and where many layers of traditions, of spoken and never written history were formed.

The family, the household and the man’s role

Family is very important for Sicilian people

Few peculiar things on Sicilian spirit

Sicilians living in America usually love to

Women clothes

Young ladies use to wear a particular linen skirt

Men clothes

Men clothes were made of a velvet

The house

The farmer’s house was usually very small

The “Viatico”

Sicily used to have got some very old laws

Agony and death

When the disease was prevailing

The corpse

The corpse was blessed by the attended priest

Talismans and spells

The act of putting a coin in the corpse’s mouth

Children funerals

Dead children were enveloped in a tiny white dress

The dead’s soul and its fate

Once the body passes away