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I'm Giuseppe Sorbello and have lived in Sicily since I was born. Living here has granted me the privilege of learning about the history of the Land, especially the eastern part of it. This particular area suffered a great emigration when more than a million people left between 1876 and 1929.

I have thousand hours of experience researching for customers all over the world made in the last ten years. Recently, I am working on my last name origins and I am tracking the genealogy of all Sicilian Sorbello from 1400 to 1850.

I am a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists and I am also part of the researcher team for Ancestry. Besides, in 2017 I researched for the US TV series “Who Do You Think You Are?”.

I am also specialized in genetic genealogy, one of the broad of genealogy which provide us with unique information collected from DNA analysis.

At Your Service

Genealogy Research

This is the flagship product! You will receive detailed terms of my service, scans of all historical documents I find, a family tree chart, a research report, and a long-term service dedicated to the understanding of work.

Research Services

Other services include: records research (birth, baptism, marriage, death, military service, etc.), the search for living relatives, finding graves and burials, native home research, and any other tailored research requests.


We will grant you support in the endorsement of documents (apostilles).

DNA Analysis

A long-term service dedicated to the understanding your DNA analysis (23andMe, Family Tree DNA, Ancestry, My Heritage DNA, Geno DNA Ancestry Kit, GEDmatch).

Genealogical tour

Feel closer to your ancestors!

Sicilian Ancestry gives you the opportunity of chasing your ancestor tracks with a comprehensive genealogic tour back to the places they were born. Let us take you to the church they get married, or experience the emotion of visiting the house they used to live in before embarking to the journey that shaped their lives forever. Our team will research on the landmark of your past to give you moments never to forget. Time has passed but many Sicilian towns remain nearly untouched, with minor changes. Touching their doorstep, climbing the steps of the church where they crowned their dream of love will give you the same emotions that long ago your ancestors left in their beloved Sicily.

Consult is free!

Research fee is 40 $/hour (travel expenses: 0,75 $/mile). Average cost of research is 300 $.
I’m available to offer customized packages for every need.

What customer say about their experience

“My God, I couldn't have done this on my own. Great business model. With the proliferation of DNA testing and lowering prices, there's a need for a service as yours.” – James Messina

“I got your email – this is fantastic! I never thought you would be able to go back as far as the year 1700! This is wonderful, Giuseppe! Thank you! My uncle will be so happy that you have located his relatives!” – Susan Pettinato

“I can’t believe your work. This is amazing. Unbelievable.” – James Havelock

“Giuseppe, thank you so much! It is wonderful to read these words and see where my great-grandparents came from, and also to read about their birth and the occupation of their parents.” – Maryann P. Carol

“The results have been amazing!” – Rose Lerer Cohen PhD, Kin-Search

“Thank you so much for this beautiful tree. I now feel connected to my great grandparents and can finally refer to them by name.” – Jennifer Blandino Walster

“Giuseppe, this is great!” – Gloria Quigg

“I will always be grateful to you for the work you have done. I will be 88 this year and at least I can pass my history on to my family. You have done a wonderful job so far and at last you have found my father and his parents and uncle Henry. I am very pleased with this. You are an excellent genealogist.” – James A. Normandi

“Thank you for the certificates, the little translation, marriage certificate and the photos. This is progress, and I am grateful. Again, thank you or all of your time and help, Giuseppe. You are terrific.” – Nicholas Grimaldi

“Sounds great! Thank you for your quick work!” – Jenae Amadeio-Barnett

“Giuseppe, thank you; this will be helpful in my quest to find my family in the area.” – John Quattrocchi

“Wow! Thank you, this is wonderful! The family tree is filling up nicely.” – Thomas Machado

“I am amazed and so excited. I thank you very much.” – Marriah Lombardo

“This is fantastic. Thank you so much.” – Christine Fisichella Viega

“Excellent, thank you Giuseppe! My client will be very pleased. I have enjoyed working with you, and will be pleased to do so again when the need arises.” – Carolyn Tolman, Legacy Tree Genealogists, Inc

“Thank you so much for all the wonderful work you have done. You have done an amazing job and I am so happy. I can not believe how fast you accomplished all of this work. You are a true professional. Thank you for everything.” – Virginia Grimm

“Thank you very much. These are wonderful. My family is so very excited and appreciates your hard work.” – Teresa Royek

“Dear Giuseppe, very good work again.” – Adam Cherson

“Great work and very informative too! You’re worth it! I love this data! Thank you so much!” – Priscilla Farrel

“Thank You so much Giuseppe, you have been extremely kind, above and beyond anything that could be expected.” – Nick Monaghan

“Thank you again - very impressive work.” – Chris Phipps

“I have just completed reviewing the work you sent last week. It is all very well done, your process is clearly explained, and the images are great. Thank you very much for providing such excellent work!” – Kate Eakman, Legacy Tree Genealogists, Inc

“Your help and persistence have been invaluable.” – Raphael Falco

“Thank you Giuseppe for your work, I will recommend you to colleagues and hope to maybe connect again in the future!” – Annalies Nutley

“This is amazing, thank you so much! My Grandma and everyone will be so excited.” – Amanda Dunker

“Thanks for all you have done we are very excited about what you found!” – Lynn Grasso

“Thanks again Giuseppe. To use American slang I would call you a “class act”, meaning a person with a great deal of integrity.” – Robert Sava

“Good work Giuseppe! Thanks for what you have so far, much appreciated.” – Matt Pluchino

““Incredible! I must re-write my family history!” – Faith Salvo

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